AIMTECH, founded in 2013 with the scholarship by government R&D programme, is a tech company mastered upon design and manufacture of intelligent indoor and outdoor LED luminaries, mega LED video walls and control systems for LED luminaries. 

AIMTECH offers innovative and alternative solutions for lighting design, architecture and engineering firms with its proven quality and high reliability products related to LED lighting technologies.

Located at METU TechnoPark Ostim Campus, AIMTECH continues design and manufacturing services by the engineering team with over ten years of experience on design, manufacture and project management of LED lighting systems.

With entrepreneurial attitude and unique designs of LED luminaries, electronic sub-components of LED luminaries and project management capabilities, AIMTECH became a good candidate for creating unforgettable lighting experiences for entertainment and architectural markets.

AIMTECH will continue to keep customers happy and make itself known by high levels of customer satisfaction by providing service and production at worldwide standards in the field of electronics design, LED lighting solutions and project management services.